On this page you will find various links to pages that I think you will enjoy!


Ain't it Cool News. Harry Knowles and his team of spies give you the latest movie news, rumours and reviews. Essential for any movie fan.


The Internet Movie Database. The largest movie database on the web. Information on more actors, directors, movies and gaffers than you could ever hope to need.


RageMovies. A hot new site for movie reviews. Old and new films are reviewed for your pleasure. Why not add your review to the rapidly growing database and be a part of the movie site that's fast becoming all the rage!


In-DVD's. The best way to rent DVD's. You pay a monthly charge and you can then rent as many DVD's as you wish. Keep the disc for as long as you need, with no late fee's it's a service that any discerning movie fan cannot be without.


Play.com. Simply put, Play offers the best prices on DVD's anywhere. You will be amazed at the prices offered and what's more, every item comes with FREE postage! Not only does Play offer the best prices on Region 2 DVD's, but they also offer the best prices on Region 1 discs. Own the latest Hollywood movies months before their UK release!