Keeping The Faith (2000), Cert 12.

Director - Edward Norton.

Writer - Stuart Blumberg.

Starring - Edward Norton, Ben Stiller & Jenna Elfman.


Premise - Ed Norton and Ben Stiller play a Priest and a Rabbi respectfully who have been firm friends since early school days. Back at school they had a female friend (Jenna Elfman) who left them in the 8th grade. When she returns romance blooms, but for who?

Not being the worlds biggest romcom fan I would never have touched this with a barge pole if it didn't star Edward Norton and Ben Stiller. The fact that it is also directed by Norton and is his directorial debut is a bonus.

Not beating around the bush this is a good, heart-warming comedy.

I'm a big fan of Norton and it's good to see that the mans seemingly unending talents also reach to comedy. Ben Stiller is for me one of the great comedy actors working today. His ability to crack me up is second only to Bill Murray. The love interest supplied by Jenna Elfman is also good, she is one hot tamale!

A romcom seemed to be safe bet for Norton to cut his directorial teeth, but he shows a lot of promise with some neat moments. Like an overwhelmed Stiller after a particularly rambunctious sermon or a young Norton trying to teach a young Stiller how to cross himself.

The comedy is good, Norton shows some excellent comedy timing and Stiller is as always a ticking time bomb of comedy just waiting to explode. Ultimately though as is the case with most comedies, the laughs take a back seat to story development in the last third and the film suffers because of this. Why films cannot keep the laughs coming whilst tying up story threads is beyond me. Apart from some good physical stuff with Stiller there isn't much to chuckle at in the last third.

Small niggles aside if you don't have a smile on your face and a warm feeling inside when you hit stop and rewind then you should check your pulse!


7/10 for Keeping The Faith.

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