Haiku Tunnel (2001), Cert N/A.

Directors - Jacob & Josh Kornbluth.

Writers - Jacob & Josh Kornbluth.

Starring - Josh Kornbluth, Warren Keith, Helen Shumaker & Harry Shearer.


Premise - Temp secretary Josh (Josh Kornbluth) dreams of being a writer and only temps to pay the bills. When he goes to work for the S&M lawfirm, he impresses his boss, Bob Shelby (Warren Keith) with his high productivity. The next day the firm asks him to become a 'perm'. However, when he can't seem to post seventeen 'very important letters', his new found life starts to fall apart.

Haiku Tunnel is a poor, poor film. It fails on every thinkable level. Throughout the seemingly endless running time I laughed exactly three times. Not a very good hit/miss ration for a supposed comedy. I ended up playing a game whilst watching the film. I spent the time counting how many nausea inducing Hawaiian shirts Kornbluth wore throughout the movie.

The main problem lies in the efforts of co-writer/co-director/star Josh Kornbluth. From what I can ascertain he just plain isn't funny. Constantly throughout the film we cut to him standing in front of a blackboard as he proceeds to explain the weak joke that we have just been tortured with. As if, since we didn't laugh, if he explains it we might then find it funny. Sorry, Josh it only served to irritate me beyond comprehension.

There is some clever stuff in here, some sly observations on office life, but Kornbluth's shocking delivery and irritating asides to the viewer kill any potential for laughs that these moments may have had. Kornbluth is a terrible actor and should have given serious consideration to letting someone else play the lead in his film. Woody Allen he most certainly is not.

The script is shockingly cliched. Every office stereotype you can think of is brought out to play. The gay guy, the tough black girl, the neurotic priss, the hard-ass secretarial veteran and the ogre boss. In the hands of a better writer these caricatures may have yielded some laughs (see Office Space for details), however in the hands of Kornbluth they just seem tired and boring.

The only highlight of the film (outside of the three times I laughed) is a nice little cameo from Harry (Kent Brockman) Shearer. This highlight, is however wiped from your memory by the gag inducing, neat ending.

Filmed on an incredibly low budget the makers should at least be commended for trying. However, greater things have been achieved on equally low budgets. Good intentions are worth nothing in the end because that's all they are, intentions.


2/10 for Haiku Tunnel.

Poster Quote - Is there no end?