Flirting With Disaster, (1992). Cert 15.

Director - David O'Russell.

Writer - David O'Russell.

Starring - Ben Stiller, Patricia Arquette, Tea Loni, Josh Brolin & Alan Alda.


Premise - Ben Stiller and Patricia Arquette are a couple who have yet to name their 4 month old son. Stiller is adopted and hooks up with Tea Leoni, an adoption agency worker that will help him find his real parents.

The word farce doesn't really do this film justice. Stiller and co stumble from one ridiculous situation to another. Getting into weirder and weirder fixes.

The writing by writer/director David O'Russel is gold. O'Russell is certainly a man who takes him time picking projects, the only film he has made since Flirting With Disaster is Three Kings (which he again wrote).

Stiller is out of this world, the man is incapable of not being funny. I dug out my MI:2 DVD which has the Mission: Improbable sketch from MTV, pure comedy. Ben Stiller as Tom Crooze!

Elsewhere Arquette and Leoni are fine, but are somewhat overshadowed by Stiller. Josh Brollin turns up as a bisexual ATF agent and Alan Alda, Lilly Tomlin, Mary Tyler Moore & George Seagal are delightful as Stillers real and adoptive parents.

The film contains many laugh out loud moments and unlike many other comedies keeps up the chuckle tempo all the way to the end credits.



7/10 for Flirting With Disaster.

Poster Quote - Flirting with laughter.