Final Destination 2 (2003), Runtime - 90 mins, Cert 15.

Director - David R. Ellis.

Writer - J. Mackye Gruber.

Starring - A.J. Cook, Ali Larter, Michael Landes & Tony Todd.


Premise - One year after the Flight 180 disaster, Kimberly (A.J. Cook) is setting out on a road trip with her friends. Mid drive she has a premonition that she will be involved in a horrible highway pile up and stops the car, backing up the traffic behind her. When the pile up occurs it appears although she has saved all the people behind her on the slip road, but once again Death has other ideas..........

Whoa, this film is a laugh riot! Iím not sure if itís supposed to be funny, but damn if I wasnít laughing my ass of all through this film. Whilst the first film was a pretty decent horror film that put a big enough spin on the teen horror genre to be fresh, the sequel just goes out of itís way to be as silly, gory and inventive as possible with itís kills. You really canít take this film seriously as a horror film as it isnít in any way scary, not even slightly.

Well, maybe thatís not strictly true. The opening scene involving the build up to, and the pile up itself are handled extremely well and generate a good amount of tension. You know the muck is going to hit the fan and itís pretty nail biting stuff watching the set-up. Thereís the guy drinking in a truck, the pregnant driver, the bus full of drunken football players, amongst other likely candidates for doom. Something is going to happen, something bad and when it does, wow, itís very impressive.

Director David R. Ellis does this all through the movie with the various kills. He shows all the components that may (or may not) make up the death. Itís a heck of a lot of fun to sit and take it all in and try and guess how the character is going to meet his maker. More often than not you will never be able to figure it out as the kills are incredibly inventive. And when death drops his scythe you are more likely to be in fits of laughter at the ridiculousness of the kill than ducking for cover in fear.

The death scenes are also incredibly gory. I really cannot believe that this film was passed as a 15 certificate; I had it pegged as an 18 all the way. Itís probably to do with the fantastical nature of the deaths, if they were a touch more realistic no doubt the film would have garnered a higher rating. Maybe itís because I was raised on a steady diet of Freddy and Jason, but this kind of gory horror doesnít frighten me at all, Iím more likely to be scared by something like ĎThe Blair Witch Projectí or ĎMy Little Eyeí.

As I said Ellisí direction is pretty tight and I would reckon that given better material to work with that he could make a pretty decent flick. But, the script here is beyond woeful and is as unintentionally funny as the gore on the screen. When you have lines like, ďIf Clear was right that means Nora and Tim are going to be killed by pigeons!Ē you know you arenít watching a Shakespeare adaptation. It should also be noted that the scene when they connect the sequelís events to the first films is the most ludicrous thing that I have seen on screen for a long, long time.

The only way to spurt out dialogue like that and not look like a moron is to ham it up and boy, do the cast ham it up. All the major players take themselves less than seriously and this adds to the campy nature of the film and the overall fun factor. The cast are all much of a much with nobody really impressing, but itís always nice to see genre stalwart Tony ĎCandymaní Todd in a horror flick.

This is low brow, beer and pizza entertainment. Donít expect to be scared, but do expect to laugh your ass off. If gory and over the top Ďhorrorí is your bag then you will lap up Final Destination 2, itís cheesy as hell and really is a lot of fun.. And, much like the first film there is an ending that is literally to die forÖÖ.



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Poster Quote - I guess part one wasnít so final?