Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003), Run-time 105mins, Cert 12A.

Director - McG.

Writers - John August, Cormac Wibberely & Marianne Wibberley.

Starring - Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Lui, Bernie Mac, Demi Moore, John Cleese, Matt Le Blanc, Luke Wilson, Justin Theroux, Robert Forster, Robert Patrick & Crispin Glover.


Premise - The list of witnesses under the witness protection scheme has been stolen. It's up to the Angels, Dylan (Drew Barrymore), Alex (Lucy Lui) and Natalie (Cameron Diaz) to get it back. Things get complicated when Dylan's ex, Seamus O'Grady (Justin Theroux) is released from prison. Just how does he and the fallen Angel, Madison (Demi Moore) fit in with the missing witness list?

There is only one question you should ask yourself when deciding to see this film. Did I like the first one? Well, did ya, punk? ;-)

If you thought the first Charlie’s Angels was cheesy, mindless, entertaining and a whole lot of fun then get your cash out and head to the multiplex for another helping. If, on the other hand you thought it was ludicrous, loud, claptrap for the MTV generation then don’t bother, the sequel is more of the same. Luckily I fall into the former category and I lapped up every minute of this brash, colourful and highly entertaining movie.

The plot is nonsense of course. But, it doesn’t need to be Shakespeare. It merely acts as a means to lead the viewer from one action scene/musical number to the next. McG may not be Kubrick, but few can argue that the man knows how to film action. Action sequences litter the film liberally and they are all improbable and ridiculously over the top. Quick cuts, wire work, slo-mo, bullet time. McG chucks them all in a blender and comes away with some cracking action.

Some of the stunts in the action are just so improbable. People fly through the air, they take a heavy beating and get up with barely a scratch, and they walk through walls of fire with not even a blister. In this respect Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle is almost like a comic book movie, with super powered women battling super powered villains. Who cares if it breaks the laws of physics? Physics was never this much fun!

What McG is also seemingly very good at doing is filming hot chicks and making them look, well, damn hot. Barrymore, Lui, Diaz and Moore all partake in the wearing of very little, very tight or very wet and usually in glorious slow motion, so you can take it all in. A mind boggling array of foxy costumes are on offer and sometimes you don’t know what part of the screen to look at. Ms. Diaz in particular gets a lot of attention from McG’s lens and, in particular, her posterior. No complaints from me there……

The film also has a good share of laughs, coming mostly from Bill Murray’s replacement (although he is in the film), Bernie Mac. Mac is a fine comedian and his TV show is a riot. Here he is clearly ad-libbing a lot and has the lions share of the films laughs. The support is made up of capable comedy performers and they all have some nice lines. Matt Le Blanc and John Cleese share a nice scene filled with double entendres. It’s also nice to see Robert Patrick in a film; I’m a big fan of his.

Much like the opening scene of Goldmember, cameo’s come thick and fast in this film. Bruce Willis shows up (bonus points for anyone who can tell me the last film that he was in with ex-wife Demi Moore), as do the Olsen Twins, Jackass’ Chris Pontius, Carrie Fisher (bonus point for anyone who can tell me the last film she appeared in as a nun), TV Angel Jaclyn Smith and Crispin Glover reprises his role as The Creepy Thin Man.

Glover is in-fact severely underused and I would liked to have seen a lot more of his character as it is an excellent creation. His character is given a bit of back story and his hair fetish is explained. However, he is given short shrift in the movies finale, although he does have an unexpected moment that I quite liked. Demi Moore also lacks screen time, for all the bally-hoo regarding her movie return her role is little bigger than a cameo.

Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle is not high art, it’s not going to win any Oscars, and it doesn’t have deep and meaningful subtext. What it does have are hot women, loud music, astounding action and a good few laughs. If that sounds like something you might enjoy then get in line sit down and enjoy.



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